Furniture Houston TX

Making the effort to furnish your home to the best of your ability often entails piecing together different decor aspects, from color choice, to fittings and soft furnishings used in the space. Furnishing any room becomes easy when you know where to source for quality furniture, and more importantly, when you can trust your source to offer the best products for your needs. Local furniture shops of Houston, marketplaces and online stores  are such kinds of sources. Not only are they equipped with the latest furniture from around the world, their products are designed to offer convenience and enhance lifestyle. Whatever your furniture and home accessory needs, you can count on these furniture stores to provide the solution. The home furniture variety includes things like sofas, tables, TV stands and other living room furniture, kitchen furniture, dining tables and chairs, bedroom sets, hallway and kids’ furniture. As well, the stores have a diverse range of office and industrial furniture that is built for use in commercial settings.

wooden-furnitureWooden furniture remains one of the most commonplace types of furniture in any market. This is true of Houston, and even though solid wood products are not as widely and cheaply produced as in the past, they remain one of the most prestigious and desired furniture items by most residents. Alternatives to solid wood products are widely manufactured to meet the high demand for the wood look in furniture. Some alternative wood products you’ll get in many Houston furniture stores are particle board, veneer, plywood, and a range of other engineered wood solutions. These are used to make many household items like cabinets, tables, display units, media and entertainment centers, dressers and drawer chests, among other products. They are also the primary material used in making wood-based office furniture such as desks and tables, bookcases, shelving, and cabinets.

Product variety makes shopping in Houston furniture stores enjoyable and fulfilling. There is no likelihood of you failing to get what you’re looking for in a furniture store, as the product lines are  diverse. Many dealers carry furniture from both local and international brands, but there are a few stores that specialize in locally made furniture and a few others in imported brands. Be sure to check the furniture collections in both types of stores as there are exceptional products in each category. To discover even more designs, look beyond the furniture displayed in store fronts and websites. There is plenty of good stuff in the back rows that you can miss when you focus on what’s at the store front only. Comparing three or more furniture designs will ensure that you have confidence in whatever furniture you carry home with you.

Houston furniture stores are furnished with the finest furniture collections from local manufacturers and global brands. It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming to furnish your home, office, a commercial space or patio. In these stores, you are guaranteed of finding exactly what you need.

So, what are the top furniture stores in Houston?

Big Lots
big-lotsBig Lots in Houston makes your furniture shopping experience festival like, thanks to the hundreds of products attractively lined on aisle upon aisle in the stores, the fantastic offers and special prices that go with each item, and the personalized customer assistance you receive from the attendants. The company has outlets all across Houston; you’ll find a Big Lots store on your street or on a street near you, and each outlet offers the same excellent range of products. Find the perfect furniture for your home by choosing from their broad product categories. You’ll need to take some time to do this because there is plenty to choose from. It’s not something you want to do in a rush.

Big Lots specializes in home furniture, home office furniture, storage furniture, and accent furniture. Each week, they bring in a variety of living room sets, sofas, futons, ottomans, recliners, chairs, tables, consoles, bedroom sets, beds, dressers, chests, night stands, armoires, wardrobes, cabinets, pantry storage, cubbies and cube organizers, storage bins and trunks, rolling carts, bookcases, home office desks and chairs, filing cabinets, and more. The store has weekly deals which can see you save up to 50% on some items if you take it up. Be on the look out for new furniture as products are added regularly. All their furniture is made from sturdy materials like wood, engineered wood, and metal. This, combined with the good workmanship used to make the products, ensures that the furniture lasts a long time without wear.

IKEA Houston
ikea-houstonIf you’re on the prowl for good furniture in Houston, IKEA would be a good starting point for your search. As one of the largest furniture outlets serving the city, IKEA delivers quality home and office furniture at affordable prices. Getting the right furniture for whatever room you want to furnish in your house is as simple as walking into the IKEA store and choosing the items that match your personal style from the thousands of products on display. IKEA’s furniture designs are all contemporary and will add a modern look to any room. Add it to your existing furniture collection or use it on its own in any room. Whatever your style, IKEA furniture will easily complement it and make it pop.

Not sure how to go about your furniture search? Well, how about room by room? IKEA stocks furniture for each room of the house, from the living room, dining room and kitchen to the bedroom, bathroom, kids’ rooms, and patio. There are plenty of comfortable sofas in different modern designs that you can check out. Other items worth a look are dining tables and chairs, tables, TV stands, cabinets, beds, dressers, chests, and night stands. IKEA mostly uses engineered wood, solid wood, bamboo, metal, and glass to make its products, materials that have proven to be reliable for years. Many of the furniture on sale comes in a choice of materials, colors and finishes, so you can easily find something in your preferred material, color and finish combination.

Furniture Mart
furniture-mart-houstonYour home needs to shine, adorned with the finest furniture and furnishings that you can afford. Getting this gorgeous look is not difficult when you know how to pick your furniture, but you have to remember that not all furniture will look good in your space. To an extent, how your rooms look will be impacted by the accents and accessories you use alongside the furniture. Bear in mind the accessories and soft furnishings you plan to add to the room before buying furniture in order to determine which furniture to buy. If you have your eyes on a particular type of furniture which is out of sync with your furnishings, consider replacing the furnishings to match it. Once you have the ideal furniture in place, everything else in the house easily falls into place. Furniture Mart in Houston makes choosing the right furniture easy, thanks to the hundreds of furniture designs they make available.

The furniture collections at Furniture Mart are numerous and diverse in design. A quick look through the available designs will help you pick those that match your individual decor style. The store carries all types of home furniture, from sofas and chairs to dining and kitchen furniture sets, tables, entertainment units, display cabinets, beds, nightstands, dressers, armoires, vanities, storage furniture, benches and more. All furniture comes in a variety of materials. Solid wood, steel, wrought iron, aluminum, glass, wood veneer, MDF, resin, and cane are just some of the material options you get when you shop at the Furniture Mart store in Houston.

Ashley Furniture
ashley-furniture-houstonMake your home the dreamy place you’ve always wanted to own with exquisite furniture from Ashley Furniture in Houston. One of the major furniture traders in the city, Ashley Furniture HomeStore stocks thousands of furniture products for every room in the house. This wide furniture selection is deliberately chosen to make it easy for every home owner to find outstanding pieces of furniture for their home. Take your time to go through each furniture line showcased at the store in order to determine which designs best suit your decor. The store has every furniture style on display, from traditional furniture to classic, contemporary and urban. Buy one style of furniture for all your rooms if you would like to establish a uniform look across the house or choose a different furniture style for each room if you prefer to express a different personality in each room.

The modern designs of Ashley Furniture are a winning trademark for the company, with many buyers out to get a modern concept for their homes stopping by Ashley’s first before considering any other store. Each furniture design is carefully thought through by a team of dedicated designers who ensure that the pieces will come together in a representation of the renowned Ashley look. Find living room furniture ranging from couches, sofas and armchairs to coffee tables, console tables, entertainment centers, display units, dining sets and kitchenettes, bedroom sets, benches, vanities, and more. All these come in a variety of designs and are categorized into different collections.

Furniture Row
furniture-row-houstonBuying furniture becomes simple and enjoyable when you know where to go for the kind of items you need. In Houston, one of the best stores from which you can shop for home furniture is Furniture Row, a top furniture retailer offering the best in modern and contemporary furniture styles. Furniture Row is fully stocked with the finest furniture range all through the year, so it is possible to pop into the store at any time and walk out with what you need. Whether looking to furnish your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or children’s room, you will find all you need to transform these rooms into spectacular scenes inside a Furniture Row outlet.

While the company offers a wide variety of furniture, its main focus in Houston is home furniture. For this reason, you will find an extensive selection of fabric and leather sofas, couches, settees, recliners, ottomans, sofa beds, tables, entertainment centers, dining sets, bedroom sets inclusive of beds, nightstands, wardrobes, dressers, chests of drawers, headboards and footboards, vanities and many other items. Furniture Row groups its products by design, a grouping system under which are hundreds of individual designs. See the complete selection of available furniture at the Furniture Row website or visit the Houston branch to choose from the store. Among extra attractions that make this furniture company a hit with many buyers is  their broad price range, regular offers and discounts, and a reliable no-interest financing option that allows qualifying customers buy all the furniture they need affordably.

Rooms To Go
rooms-to-go-houstonIt takes a bit of comparison between two or more furniture designs to find the one that perfectly complements your space. Being such a central part of any room decor, furniture is one of those items you shouldn’t buy in a rush. Take the time to look at a few pieces before settling for any particular one, as this gives you the chance to compare different units and see their strong and weak points. Rooms To Go is one of the places where you can find quality furniture for every room. Their Houston store is well furnished with a range of furniture in different styles, from classic to modern and transitional. Consider stopping at the store for the latest designs in home furniture and guaranteed value for your money.

Rooms To Go furniture comes in single units and in sets. Your budget will determine which of the two options you go for. But this can also be determined by your styling preferences. If you like a harmonized look in your space, furniture sets will be a more attractive option for you. If you like to have a unique look in every room though, consider buying each furniture item individually. This way, each piece of furniture in the room has a personality of its own and, together, they create a unique ambience. Pop into the store for living room furniture like sectional sofas, love seats, couches, sofa sets, day sofas, coffee tables, end tables, consoles, dining and kitchen furniture, bedroom sets and furniture like beds, nightstands, dressers, chests, armoires, and more.

Pottery Barn
pottery-barn-houstonPottery Barn has a long history of excelling in the furniture industry, thanks to their stylish furniture concepts and careful workmanship. All products displayed in Pottery Barn stores have the same high quality and are made in line with contemporary lifestyle expectations. The furniture will serve you for years without getting worn out and, best of all, you can expect it to stay comfortable through the years, even with daily use. Visit any Pottery Barn outlet in Houston to get exceptional furniture for your home. There are various collections and designs of living room furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture, kids’ furniture, patio furniture, and outdoor furniture. That Pottery Barn has diversified its furniture retailing arm to include both indoor and outdoor furniture ensures that you get all the furniture you need under one roof.

All Pottery Barn furniture is contemporary and stylish. The company strives to provide products that match the needs of modern living, and this they successfully do through their well-conceptualized furniture. Outstanding items you can buy at the Houston stores include sofas, where both leather and fabric varieties are well represented in traditional design sofas, reclining sofas, and contemporary sofa designs. Bedroom sets are the other popular category of furniture in these stores. Available in both wood and metal, these sets will add a touch of class and elegance to your bedroom. Other items worth checking out are tables, cabinets, entertainment centers, and outdoor settings. These all come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, materials, and colors.

Exclusive Furniture
exclusive-furniture-houstonDoes your furniture need a touch up? Are you among the people looking to replace their furniture this season in search of a new look for their homes? Exclusive Furniture has the answer for you. As one of the best furniture stores in Houston, Exclusive Furniture offers a wide variety of high quality furniture at good prices. Shopping in Exclusive Furniture stores brings you face to face with the best designs from top furniture designers and manufacturers across the nation as well as outside the country. Different categories of furniture are showcased here, with a good selection of designer pieces making its way to the store’s luxurious section. Stock furniture is also available at affordable prices in the store and comes ready to carry.

The Exclusive Furniture product range includes living room furniture, kitchen and dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and kids’ furniture. Each item is made from solid materials such as wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, veneer, MDF and resin. Pick a material and finish that complements your chosen decor style. Each material has a unique maintenance procedure, and some require little or no maintenance at all. Have this in mind as you choose your furniture, so that you can pick a material that is easy for you to maintain. In addition to the guaranteed quality of Exclusive Furniture products, you get a one-year warranty with each product you buy. You can top this with the company’s optional, 5-year accidental coverage to cover your furniture against accidents, abuse and misuse.

Gallery Furniture
gallery-furniture-houstonFew stores can match the amazing product quality displayed at Gallery Furniture, one of the most popular and favorite furniture stores for many in Houston. For the Gallery fraternity, opening their doors to the public and selling furniture is more than the traditional routine of trading. Everything about this retailer and all constituent outlets tells of a deeper passion to make the lives of all who walk through its doors better. Visit any of the three Gallery Furniture outlets in North Freeway, West Grand Parkway and Post Oak Boulevard to choose from a wide selection of exquisitely designed and built home furniture. They have a diverse range of products that will give every room in your home a new look and feel.

Gallery Furniture prices itself in showing an open commitment and bias for American made products. As a result, nearly all their furniture is made in America and bears the distinct American quality. Each furniture comes with the assurance of a sturdily built product and is guaranteed to be used for years without loosing its luster or getting worn out. Get the finest of leather sofas or their more affordable fabric counterparts to enjoy the indulgent comfort and luxury of a Gallery Furniture sofa. More outstanding designs can be seen in the sofa bed and futon collections, arm chairs, tables, entertainment centers, dining suites, bedroom sets, and couches showcased at the store outlets. Plenty of color and shape options await you, as each furniture comes with a variety of options for both.

Star Furniture
star-furniture-houstonGet stylish furniture that stays fashionable across the seasons at Star Furniture, one of the top furniture dealers in Houston. With numerous outlets operating across Houston, Star Furniture endeavors to provide the best quality furniture at pocket friendly prices. One of the strongest attractions about Star Furniture products is that they are constructed from solid materials and are therfore guaranteed to last a good number of years. Each furniture is stylishly designed to match contemporary lifestyle and home decor aspirations. Great versatility is another of the aspects that set this store apart from its competitors. You can count on the store to have several collections of the furniture item you want in your preferred style and design. This only makes it easier to find furniture that resonates with your desired style.

Star Furniture makes its products from solid materials, most popularly wood, steel, iron, bamboo, glass, leather, fabric, resin, and a variety of engineered wood options. They sell both home and office furniture, with the products categorized under different classes. To find your desired furniture at Star, shop by room, furniture type, style, design, or material. There are hundreds of products in each of these categories, making it possible to identify furniture that matches ones preference and style. Make your home beautiful and welcoming with any of their choice sofas, couches, coffee tables, entertainment units, dining sets, bedroom sets, or kids’ furniture sets. Your office too, will look professionally set up with any of their office chairs and desks, computer desks, cubicles, reception furniture, conference chairs, and storage furniture.