Area Rugs

Nothing adds as much warmth and interest in a room as rugs do. Use a rug to add color to a plain colored room, create interest in a room, soften the look of a room, establish a focal point in the room, or give the room a heartwarming, inviting ambience. There are rugs of all types, styles and designs in Houston, TX that you can use to alter the style and look of any space. Area rugs are perfect for use in the living room, family room, bedroom, kids’ rooms, hallways, dining area, kitchen and entryways. Most water-sensitive rugs can be used in any part of the house that is not constantly exposed to moisture, such as in the bathroom. For the bathroom, there are special bath mats you can use that are resilient to moisture and won’t be damaged by water.

Rugs available in Houston, TX are made from a range of natural and synthetic materials such as wool, silk, cotton, sea-grass, jute, bamboo, leather, sheepskin, polyester, nylon, olefin, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic. Natural fiber rugs are exquisite, of high quality and very durable. However, they are more expensive than synthetic rugs. Many synthetic rugs manufacturers use high tech machine looming techniques to produce their rugs. The results are so natural looking that it’s difficult to distinguish them from natural rugs. Sheepskin, wool, silk, sisal, and leather are soft under the feet and this makes them a good choice for rooms where comfort is a primary need. When picking a material for your rug, consider whether the area you intend to place it is a high or low traffic area, as this will determine its suitability.