Counter Height Dining Sets

When you’ve had the same look in the house for long, it’s normal to begin craving a different look. For your kitchen and dining area, one type of furniture that can make a difference in how this space looks is counter height dining sets. Slightly higher set than standard height dining sets but lower than bar height dining sets, counter height dining sets measure anywhere between 86cm and 91cm. Since you’re buying a complete set with dining chairs and a table, the chairs will be a perfect match for the table level. So you won’t have to worry whether guests will be able to reach the table surface comfortably. Choose the right counter height dining set for you from the multiple designs available in Houston, TX.

You can go for a simple design if you prefer a simplistic look or if you already have elaborate accessories and need something simple to tone down the look. If the kitchen or dining area is rather plain, a more elaborately designed counter height dining set will be a better choice, as it will enhance the style of the room. If kids will be regular users of the dining set, choose a model with footrests that can hold their feet to keep them from dangling. Most adults too will appreciate a place to rest their feet while sitting at the table, so having footrests on all counter height dining chairs is a good idea. Counter height dining sets in Houston, TX come in sizes that can seat two, four, six, eight, ten and more.