Dreaming of a Vintage Bedroom?

Nothing defines your individual style better than vintage furniture. Used in the bedroom, it brings a distinct warmth that makes the room inviting and cozy at the same time. Vintage bedroom furniture is sold in a wide variety in Houston. From stately beds that will awe your visitors, and large chests that keep all your small items safe, to small jewelry boxes that are a collector’s treasure, these vintage items have more personality than any contemporary furniture designs ever made. There are several items of each type of furniture to choose from at any given time. And this makes it increasingly easy to find vintage pieces that match your style and personality.

Items you can choose from include vintage beds, dressers, armoires and wardrobes, chests of drawers, storage boxes, bedroom benches, writing desks and chairs, bookcases, mirrors and nightstands. While vintage furniture was generally made in big, showy designs, it varies in size so that you have the extremely large, the moderate and the small. With this wide size variation, you’re assured of finding vintage items that are a good fit for your bedroom, whatever its dimension. To give your vintage selection a more personal touch, repaint it in a finish and color of your liking. Repainting also makes it possible for you to match all your bedroom furniture for a harmonized look. This furniture style can be accessorized with both traditional and contemporary accents and furnishings. Take advantage of this compatibility to create your desired design theme in the bedroom.