Furniture Repair

Are you thinking of taking that broken sofa down to the basement because it can no longer be used? Or maybe you’re considering giving it away, even though you really wish you could continue using it. Before you do, have you considered furniture repair services? These experts will restore your furniture to its former condition and add years to its shelf life. Their services are available all across Houston and they handle all kinds of furniture repairs. Depending on the furniture to be repaired, you can bring the item to them or they can visit your house and work on the site if the repairs are not too major. It the furniture requires a lot of work, they’ll take it back to the workshop with them where they can fully work towards restoring it unhindered.

Some of the leading furniture repair companies available to fix broken frames, splinters, scratches, moisture rings , veneer repair and replacement, leather top replacement, bed conversion, furniture refinishing, resurfacing, and wood parts duplication among others. They do repair and restoration on all kinds of furniture, from chairs and tables, dining units, cabinets, beds, storage cabinets, sofas, couches, benches, chests of drawers, dressers, and more. Before dragging your broken furniture to the storehouse, consider getting help from Houston furniture repair services. A little professional touch up may be all your furniture needs to resume its functionality. Best of all, you can get furniture repair and restoration services no matter where you are in the region.