Living Room Rugs

There is no comfort for tired feet like the warmth of cozy floor rug. Thin or thick, small or large, living room rugs are a clever furnishing detail you want to take advantage of to give this important room a luxurious look and feel. Houston, TX living room rugs are exquisitely made and come in a broad range of designs, styles, and colors. Handwoven and machine made rugs are available. Both types are high quality, and each has its own distinguishing factors. Whichever of the two you go for will be a matter of personal preference, as compared side by side, some handmade and machine made rug varieties are hard to tell apart. In some models, the unique hand weaving prints are hard to miss. Most people on the hunt for handmade rugs are looking for this uniqueness and will prefer these rugs over machine loomed ones any day.

When choosing your new living room collection in Houston, pick the ones that are harmonious with your living room decor in color, size, shape, and texture. You can use the complimentary style approach to achieve this or the contrasting one, where the color of your rugs contrasts the main colors in the living room in a nice way. Use your living room rugs creatively to achieve a beautiful look. One way you can do this is by placing a couple of rugs in strategic areas of the room, either on their own or on top of a wall-to-wall floor covering. Another way is to use the rugs to subdivide the living room into sections. You can have one under the coffee table and surrounded by your sofas, one under or in front of the entertainment center, and one in front of the bookcase. If you have several lounge areas in the living room, mark them off using rugs of the same color. You can also vary the patterns and colors of each rug for interest.