Massage Chairs

Searching for a high performance massage chair in Houston? You’re in luck because the newest massage chairs in the market are now available in the city. As more people make the extra effort to attain fitness and optimal health, the massage chair becomes a powerful tool in achieving these goals. If you’ve bought one before, you probably have above-average knowledge about these chairs and how they work. If you are buying one for the first time, no need to worry. Once you understand the basics of the massage chair and the extent versus limitations of what it’s capable of, you’ll be in a position to¬† choose a chair that is right for you. All massage chairs operate on the same principle, though the exact working mechanism may differ from one chair to the other.

Some massage chairs use rollers to deliver the massage. Other mechanisms use air bags, motor and gear movements, air compression, vibration and heat. In low-cost massage chairs, only one mechanism is typically used. More advanced massage chairs use a combination of two or more mechanisms to deliver a more thorough and effective massage experience

. The roller mechanism in massage chairs uses rollers which move vertically, laterally and in circular motions, giving a massage that is similar to what you get from a masseuse. Vibration mechanism entails use of motors to rotate strategically placed wheels, causing vibrations which massage the body. Air compression involves use of airbags to compress and release muscles rhythmically. Heat therapy involves use of heat and warmth to loosen right muscles and provide relief to sore and injured tissues.