Unfinished Furniture

Unfinished furniture bears an irresistible charm and beauty that finished products can’t match. Is it any wonder then that many people in Houston, TX are turning to unfinished furniture for a look that is natural and unique? You can use unfinished furniture in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or dining room. Browse the vast category of unfinished furniture in Houston to see the complete range of products that are currently available for purchase. Unfinished dining tables and chairs, unfinished rockers, unfinished bookcases and bookshelves, unfinished tables, unfinished beds of different types – bunks, storage, cabinet, twin singles; chests of drawers, dressers, armoires, media consoles, kids’ chairs, baby rockers, armchairs, hutches, sideboards, benches, storage chests, and more. Just like finished furniture, they’re carved in different designs to appeal to varying design preferences.

Unfinished furniture available in Houston is made from solid wood, most commonly maple, oak, alder, pine, parawood, ash, fir, beech, and spruce. This broad variety of materials makes it possible for you to choose furniture that is made from either softwood or hardwood. Display your furniture as is for an exotic look that lends the room an easy, laid-back and welcoming ambience. Should you want to stain your unfinished furniture, you can do so easily using any of the unfinished furniture kits also available here. One of the perks of buying unfinished furniture is that when you decide to stain it, you have full control over what stain and color to use, and even the finish to give it.